Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Video: English Day at Nueva Esperanza

Recently, it was English Day at Nueva Esperanza. A day filled with speeches, performances, and activities intended to get the students interested and excited about learning English. With an array of awesome musical numbers and literary recitations, the students showed they have what it takes to make Teacher Mike smile.

Even yours truly addressed the entire school to tell them why it is important to learn English.

This time, I actually took videos of the goings on, splicing them together in this video chronicling the day.


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  1. Mike!

    Thanks for your message on my blog :). It warmed me up!

    Remind me when you will be back from Colombia? I am in British Columbia until late November, then in NorCal plotting my next move. I'm still holding you to our reunion in the city come Christmas time.

    Love from afar!