Maria Lourdes Keyer-Guzman 
March 11, 1927-June 23, 2007
This blog is dedicated to my grandmother, Maria Lourdes Keyer-Guzman. Born in the capital city of Managua, Nicaragua on March 11, 1927, she spent most of her childhood in the Nicaraguan city of Granada. In her early twenties, she decided to take a chance and leave behind everything she knew and loved to seek out a better life in the United States.

Settling in San Francisco, California, she met and soon married my grandfather, Jerome and started a family in the city by the bay.

My grandmother made a living as a hair stylist, but her true passion was for painting and she produced many impressive pieces of art over the course of her life, many of which survive her to this day.

I will always remember her for her unshakable faith and stubborn devotion to those she loved—two qualities I aspire to emulate in my own life. Her lust for life and trust in a higher power allowed her to defeat cancer the first time around, although it would return to claim her life ten years later.

On June 23, 2007, she passed away after a long and hard-fought battle against cancer.

Grandma Maria, this is for you.