Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Departure: A Few Thank You’s

Many months ago when I first browsed WorldTeach's website, little did I know how much effort it would take to get from there to here. With my departure to Colombia less than two weeks away, I wanted to thank everyone who has made this trip possible.

First, I want to thank my mentor at Schwartz Communications, Laurie Falconer, as well as my former teacher at UC Davis, Professor Lorena Oropeza, for writing me glowing letters of recommendation as part of my WorldTeach application. Without you, I would never have gotten into this highly competitive program in the first place.

Second, I want to thank WorldTeach alumnus, Allison Ball, for taking the time to interview me and answering all my initial questions about what it’s like to volunteer in South America.

Third, a warm gracias to WorldTeach Colombia 2010 volunteer, Lauren Doll, for constantly answering my endless barrages of ridiculously specific questions about living, teaching and not getting mugged in Colombia. Without your guidance and advice over these past months, I would be a lot less confident about what I am about to do. Don’t think you’re off the hook yet, though—I’m sure I will have plenty more to bug you about once I get down there!

Last, but definitely not least, a special thanks to all my wonderful donors for their generous contributions to my cause—without them, none of this would even be possible. Because of their philanthropic spirit, I was able to raise $1,000, which will allow me to purchase much-needed school supplies and teaching aids to create the best possible learning environment for my students.

My Ridiculously Awesome Donors:

John & Myra Guzman-Teare
John & Donna Hower
Richard & Donna Bottarini
Kevin & Jeanne Davidge
Nora Guzman
Jackie Hodaly
Ron & Kathleen Barri
Don & Annette Holthaus
Tanner Bixler
Jim & Linda Hower
Jim & Darlene Jaworski
Jimmy Hower
Marc & Toni Reynolds
Cliff & Lori Hirsch
Sean Hogan
Ken Hower

And, of course, thank you to everyone who has joined my support page! It really means a lot. Thanks again and happy holidays!

For those who would also like to donate to my cause, it's not too late! You can donate to me through WorldTeach on their donation page.

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